Mitsuba x Freddy Tratlehner

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When flavoured nut brand Mitsuba was launched onto the Dutch market, they needed a fun and creative celebrity to promote their goods.

The man with the inexhaustible vocabulary Freddy Tratlehner (a.k.a. Vjeze Fur from De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig) was the perfect match; nobody else could use words better to describe Mitsuba’s ‘taste explosion’.

We think it is important to give our celebrities the opportunity to pour their own creativity into a campaign. Who knows Freddy’s following better than he does, right? He created and directed the social video series ‘Mitsuba Moments’, connecting Mitsuba’s Asian flavors to Dutch culture in a fun way.

The four videos tell the story of Jan, a stereotypical Dutch man who fell in love with the Asian flavours and swapped his typically Dutch cheese cubes and liverwurst for an Asian snack platter – including the Mitsuba bites of course.

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