Anna Nooshin

Storytel X Anna Nooshin – Einde

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Storytel Einde.

Audiobook app Storytel asked for a social media campaign with their main goal: to get more youngsters to ‘read’.

Serial entrepreneur Anna Nooshin is always full of ideas – and she puts them into action too. Anna has a fascination for people who believe in an apocalypse or the ending of our world as we know it.

Conversations with the people who have touched her with their stories and theories. A subject close to her heart, as Anna’s world as she knew it also ceased to exist when she fled from Iran to the Netherlands as a refugee.

We have turned Anna’s thoughts and ideas into a Storytel Original named: (surprise surprise) ‘Einde’, translated as ‘End.’ In these original series she has one-on-one conversations with ‘preppers’ and experts about what will, according to them, happen before, during and after ‘the end’. How do you recognize the beginning of the end? How do you prepare for it? Who do you take with you? And what if the end never comes…?